Layby Policy

By law, our Lay-By agreement must be in writing and must include details such as:

  • A full description of the goods being purchased
  • The total price of the goods
  • The amount of deposit paid and the amount of the outstanding balance
  • When additional payments are due, for example weekly, monthly, etc
  • If any cancellation fees apply and how they are calculated
  • The stores details, name and street address, and any other terms or conditions.


Can a Purchaser Terminate a Lay-By?
You may terminate a Lay-By agreement before the goods are delivered or if they are damaged when you receive them.

  • You should remember that you may have to pay a termination charge if you simply change your mind
  • A termination form that complies with the law is available from this store, if required.


Can we terminate your Lay-By?
If you fail to meet the requirements of the Lay-By agreement, the store may terminate the agreement.  In that case, we will:

  • Send you a notice advising how you have failed to meet the requirements of the contract, and
  • Give you 14 days to meet them.


If you still don't meet the requirements, we may:

  • Terminate the Lay-By agreement
  • Charge the agreed termination charge and deduct it from the refund of any monies already paid, and
  • Refund the balance to you within 14 days.


The store may also terminate the Lay-By agreement if the goods to which the agreement relates are no longer available.  In that case, we will notify you accordingly and refund any monies already paid to us within 14 days.


Please discuss any questions that you may have with one of our friendly staff in store.